=FIGMENTS: Memories of Earth=
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Softcover Book
Foil stamped Cover
6.5” x 10”, 50 pp, Edition of 100
ISBN: 978-0-578-98397-4
Everybody's going to space - well, not everybody. Over 8 billion of us remain on our miraculous and endangered planet. Figments: Memories of Earth explores the space race through the lens of climate change, science fiction, and current space technology. Using NASA/JPL and historical sources interwoven with her own photographic constructions, artist/writer Judith James proposes an imaginative and inclusive response to the tension between our ancient yearning for the stars and our neglect of the Earth.
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Information: sitejj@fastmail.com

photo credits: Dan Derdula

Many thanks to photographer Chris Grunder for inspiration, and Dan Derdula for Cover/book design.
Land Art Collective’s 2021 workshop Sustainability in Outer Space also provided excellent reference points.